Q.1 How can Super Car Mauritius help me sell my car?

Answer: First thing in, we need your contact details and details of your car. An agreement form may be needed to fill in for agency conditions.

Q.2 Then how what do you do with the details i gave you?

Answer: All details given to us will be kept in our database, whereas details of your car will be published on our website.

Q.3 What kind of details do i need to provide for selling my car?

Answer: Details must include a photocopy of HP to validate owner authenticity, Pictures of your car inside and outside also a list of options in the car.

Q.4 When and How do you look up for a client?

Answer: We have a dedicated website and Facebook Page where we will show up your cars to prospective buyers.

Q.5 What do i do once you find me a client?

Answer: We will contact you and announce that we have a potential client and a meeting will be schedule by appointment only for viewing.

Q.6 What if the client want a test drive?

Answer: As we do not have legitimate rights on your vehicle, we cannot propose a client for test driving. This option will remain onto the owners discretion only.

Q.7 What if a client has accepted an offer of my car?

Answer: If a client has accepted an offer, a sale of deed shall be drafted between the agency, the seller and buyer.

Q.8 What are the fees incurred for the sale of a car by Super Cars Mauritius?

Answer: The Seller will have Commission / Agency fees due depending of the Sale amount

Q.9 When do i need to make the agency fees payment?

Answer: The seller must make immediate payment upon signature sales of deed either by Cash, Cheques or Bank Transfer to G.Balgobin Enterprise Ltd

Q.10 I have purchased a car from Super Cars Mauritius, When can i take possession?

Answer: Once you accept terms and conditions you can pay cash or apply leasing, you will be given the necessary papers for your car registration and Horse Power for NTA procedures.